Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is NOT TRUE, life or love?

What is NOT TRUE, life or love?
The beats of the drums bring joy, when I born,
Smiles & celebrations all around, then.
Kisses and hugs, warmth touch of people made me feel they r MINE,
Still could sense, am the little one desired more often, then.

Father, I held his little finger and walked like jigling
I could feel the feel of him, and the happiness he has, being with me,
I felt, all the joy and happiness is again mine,
I was pet at home, and was like a tiny toy in the hands.

I was held stiff, pressed and made me motionless in the hug of my sister,
Walking more like running, I got irritated, coz I was freezed, then I was 5
She lay me there on the bed, no one was caring me,
Every one is quite busy, I WAS ALONE.

Years passed then I realised, I LOST my LOVELY FATHER,
People who hugged me, kissed me, played with me, I cant see them any more
I been to school, played, studied, and did many things, I was most wanted then.
Life was quite normal, many people around me, then I was 9, & WAS ALONE.

New location, new people, new books, new atmosphere,
Had good food, education, games, and environment,
Nice playground, a place to explore urself to the ultimate heights,
It was boarding school, having hundreds of students, I WAS ALONE, then I was 14

Back in home, had love, sharing, affection and responsibilities,
Sorrows, difficulties, crises, and sufferings, sailed sided by side,
I have nothing to focus more on life, I was squeezed by the situations
Then I was 18, I WAS ALONE.

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